past event: Tiny Office Art #7 Eda Gecikmez, Consulate General of Sweden, Istanbul

Tiny Office Art, İsveç Kültür Ataşesi Suzi Erşahin tarafından, Türkiye’de yaşayan ve çalışan kadın sanatçılara, eserlerini normalde sanatla baglantısı olmayan bir ofiste sergileyerek dikkat çekmek amacıyla geliştirilmiş bir projedir. Eseri yalnızca ofise gelenler görme imkanı bulabilmektedir ancak sosyal medyada ve işyerinin web sayfasında da gösterilir. Bu, Türkiye’nin heyecan verici kadın sanatçılarının çok mütevazi bir tanıtımıdır. Kültür Ataşeliği ofisinin yedinci konuk sanatçısı #EdaGecikmez.

Tiny Office Art, a project developed by the Counsellor for Cultural Affairs, Suzi Ersahin, aims to show women artists living and working in Turkey by installing their work in regular offices. Only the visitors of the office will be able to view the art work but it will also be on social media and the webpage of that workplace. A very modest way to shine a spotlight on some of the exciting women artists in Turkey. The seventh artist installing her work at the Office of Cultural Affairs is #EdaGecikmez.

Sevil Tunaboylu, Suzi Erşahin ve Eda Gecikmez

more info:

Tiny Office Art is a project which will show women artists living and working in Turkey, highlighting one work of an artist which will be installed in Suzi Ersahin’s office, the Councellor of Cultural Affairs at the Consulate General of Sweden, every 3rd week.

The exhibition will not be able to be seen by many people, it will be on view for guests to the office and the Consulate personnel. The artwork will however also be on display in social media and on the consulate web page together with a statement by the artist about the work.
The inspiration for the project is in part the women’s demonstrations on the 21 January 2017 and also the well-known Tiny Desk concerts that have been hosted in the office of National Public Radio’s Bob Boilen since 2015. Tiny Office Art wants to create a similar intimate place for viewing important Turkish women artists and hopefully become the inspiration for others to start their own tiny office art shows. We hope that it will in a very modest way shine a spotlight on some of the important and exciting women artists in Turkey. In keeping with its anti-hierarchical aims the Tiny Office Artists will not be curated as such, rather through conversation with each artist we will decide on the next one to be exhibited.  

At a time when culture and women’s roles in society are under threat both in Turkey and globally I feel it is important to show how acts of creativity can be an antidote to forces of hate and discrimination. I really hope that this modest proposal can both demonstrate a commitment to supporting the work of women artists in Turkey and inspire others to use limited means to celebrate and expose their work and come together in a spirit of creativity.